SpiderMania Solitaire

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SpiderMania Solitaire is a card game to play alone
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SpiderMania Solitaire is a card game to play alone.
It is very similar to the Spider Solitaire game that comes with Windows XP, Vista and Seven. This version offers some slight differences in the rules (you can start a sequence with a card that is not a King), an enhanced design for the cards, and new sounds. It also has a high-score system that keeps record of the best scores for each type of game.

The game can be played using twelve different languages. It will select a language based in your current operating system´s configuration, but you can use any of them. It is possible to play in Windowed Mode or in Full Screen Mode. There are three levels: the easy level uses just one suit, the normal level uses two, and the hard level uses the four suites, 104 cards.

The rules are simple: you begin with ten piles of cards, with just one of them (the one at the base of the pile) face up. You must arrange sequences of cards of the same suite, beginning with a King and ending with an Ace. To do that, you can move cards in other piles, or use the ones that are still in the card set. When you make a sequence, all the cards will disappear from the screen. The game ends when every card has been eliminated from the board.

The download link will get and install the iWin Games Manager, if you don´t have it installed. This program will then download the files needed to install the game (6.2 Mb), and will install it. You can play with the trial version of this game for sixty minutes..

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It is very easy to use


  • It is almost a clone of the game that comes with Windows
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